🙂 That’s a great question, and it’s a privilege to try to answer it. Until recently, I thought my first focus had to be on getting my time back …​ on making enough to be able to quit my job (again). But I’ve just realised that, even though I’v been programming since I was like 7, I’m not confident in teaching it …​ and that I’m not sure about selling a "master class in Java" for $2000 …​ So I’m starting with an "Introductory Java Course" in the $100-$200 range. I’ll use the feedback from that to create my "signature course" / "master class". …​ And by then, hopefully, I will be my own master again. And I envision a future in which I get to teach programming and instil som values into budding programmers …​ to do good with their new-found super power (because it truly can be a super power). I want to connect great programmers I teach to great companies, and I want to enable these programmers to create their own, great companies. I want to build a "online course empire", and also be able to do programming myself …​ To play, learn, and teach.