Ressurser til mitt bruk når jeg lager kurset:

  • Frank Kern’s Magic Model

  • Notater Tony Robbins

  • Bruk >> (Brendon Burchard)


What results we’re after: You’ll get to create an actual web application that you can deploy to a web server, with your own domain name — you’ll have something you can show others and say: I created that.

How you’re going to learn: I’ll throw you into the water at the deep end. But don’t worry. You WILL learn to swim. I want you to come out the other end of this course a new person — a person who not only knows some theoretical programming, but a person who knows how to create real programs in the real world.

A person who can take an idea, and make it real.

Obviously you’re not going to become a master programmer after x weeks. You won’t be able to take any idea and make it real. Only training and experience can give you true mastery. However, I want to start you on that path, the right way. You’re not going to see toy languages and toy tools — you’re getting the real deal.

You’re not just going to learn to program. You’re going to be on your way to becoming a programmer.

To become a programmer, you need more than just theoretical knowledge. There’s a way of thinking you need to adapt.

When you do adapt the right kind of thinking, nothing can stop you from acquiring the skills and the knowledge you need, so that eventually, you can take any idea and make it real.

To get there, we’ll explore and play first, then learn theory. Because by exploring and trying things out, you start asking questions. And asking questions and finding answers to those questions is how you become a great programmer.

What we’re going to learn.

Concretely, you’ll learn

  • the fundamentals of Java and object oriented programming

  • how to create a web app from scratch using Spring Boot and Spring MVC

  • how to create a database, and write to and read from that database

  • how to secure your web app with username / password (Spring Security?)

  • how to deploy your app to the web

  • how to create your own domain name (like for your web app

⇒ this is way too much for the first course. Don’t introduce db and security, just make it work

Your mindset There will be things you don’t understand the first time you see them, that’s okay. Don’t worry. Play and go with the flow. Ask questions, try new stuff out. Sweat! It’s a learning experience, and at times learning can be hard. That’s what makes it so gratifying.


To get started, you need the right tools.

IntelliJ CE Java 11

Up and running: Spring MVC web app with Spring Boot

Get them up and running, and able to see the page in the browser.

Then let them change the text in the browser.

Create a model. Explain MVC.

Play with that.

Some View Technology



Create first table.

Then explain.

Security? Log in?

Deploy + domain name