Curiosity Hooks

Use one of the five curiosity hooks to pull your offer out of the red ocean.

Den nye nisjen er "Java Programmering med I.F.L-metoden"

Wealth → Programming → I.F.L.

1. Little Known, Big Differences

Shows people something they aren’t aware of and how knowing it could make all the difference between success and failure.

Everybody’s talking about the latest and greatest new technologies (frameworks) to make you more effective and a better programmer, right? But what almost no one understands about programming is that effectiveness does not come from what language you use, or what framework you use, it comes from HOW you use them. What you need, is the little known method called the I.F.L.-method. It’s the secret sauce of some of the best programmers. When you learn how to use it, it will skyrocket your abilities and your results. No need to learn two new technologies every week. (In fact, that’s counter productive.)

2. Well Known, Little Understood

Take something everybody THINKS they know about, and show how they’re actually sabotaging their chances of success because they�re missing little nuances or details.

3. This Changes Everything

Something new just happened in your sub-market, related to the problem the audience wants to solve. Of they aren’t aware of it, they risk missing out big-time.

Learning programming has always been considered hard, and programming has been named one of the skills that is the most difficult to teach. Now there is a new method that helps overcome these hurdles. The I.F.L-method sparks life into what used to be cold, hard theory, and makes learning programming a lot of fun. This changes everything!

4. Crystal Ball Theory

Something that has been done successfully in the past, is now about to be made obsolete.

5. Revisiting The Fundamentals

Have you tried to get into programming, only to get totally overwhelmed by all the languages, all the frameworks, and all the differing opinions and advice out there? Should you learn Java or Javascript, Dart or Perl, React or Angular? Where do you even start? How do you know what language to begin with? Do you want to know a secret? It doesn’t matter. In order to get good in any one of them, you only need to understand the basics, and apply the basics in the right way. The I.F.L-method gives you not just knowledge, but an intimate understanding; basics first, then you build on that.

(And when you know the basics this way, the rest is just icing on the cake.)