Give them what they want

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design a simple survey to test your product idea with your market and fine-tune your idea based on the feedback you get.

What Facebook or LinkedIn or other online groups / forums / networks do my ideal clients belong to?

1. Choosing a focus for your survey that relates to your product idea

Aim for 50 - 100 responses for survey.

Naming the survey

Your feedback needed.

Discover the 3 greatest challenges facing new programmers when it comes to learning Java.

Hi there,

For new Java programmers, when it comes to making progress, there can be many challenges.

I’m conducting a survey about new Java programmers and their challenges for my upcoming MasterClass project.

I would love to get your insight and I invite the new Java programmers in this group to participate.

Your feedback will be making an important contribution to this topic and I’ll be sharing the top challenges with you, along with specific resources to address those challenges directly, once the survey is completed.

The survey takes less than 2 minutes and you can get started now by going to this link: [------]

I look forward to sharing these insights and resources with you.

With thanks, Sten

2. Design survey (quiz)

  1. "When it comes to learning Java programming, what’s your single biggest challenge, frustration, or question you’ve been struggling with?"

    Comment box
  2. How have you tried to solve this challenge in the past?

    Multiple choice
    - I've taken, or at least started, a course or three ...
    - I'm trying to learn on my own, watching YouTube tutorials and such
    - I actually haven't done anything yet
    - I'm studying computer science
    - Other: __________
  3. What are your 1-3 main outcomes or goals when it comes to learning programming?

    Multiple choice
    - Create cool things
    - Land a job as a programmer
    - Receive more interesting tasks at my job, or get a better job
    - Create my own business and opportunities
    - Understand the programmers I lead better
    - Other: __________
  4. If I could support you in overcoming your top 3 challenges, how do you prefer to receive support?

    - 1-on-1
    - In person with a small group of others
    - By yourself reading information or watching videoes
    - With a community of peers in an online training program
  5. When it comes to learning Java programming, what are the specific topic areas you want to learn more about?

    Multiple choice and / or comment box
    - Creating mobile apps
    - Creating Web Applications / Softeware as a Service (SaaS)
    - Full-Stack Development
    - Deep Dive Into The Java Language
    - Creating games
    - Other __________


Then on the confirmation page, if they left their email address, I would say something along the lines of this:

Congratulations for taking the time to identify the 3 biggest challenges you?re facing in your trade business. I hope this awareness supports you in moving forward in your business. I’ll follow up shortly with some free trainings and resources to assist you with the 3 biggest challenges we uncover from this survey. To your success, <Name>

 — challenges: break false beliefs

Follow up

I recommend at least 3 emails in this sequence to start with — one for each of the top 3 challenges — sent out as soon as possible after you?ve got your first 100 responses to the survey.

  • Email 1 on Day 1

  • Email 2 on Day 3

  • Email 3 on Day 6 or 7