NRK - Learning quickly

In 20xx when I was a consultant, I got hired for a job for Norway’s state broadcaster — NRK is like the BBC of Norway.

They’d noticed that people were discussing their shows online while watching, and wanted to create a platform for it to happen.

I was interviewed for the assignment, and much to my astonishment, got it.

I was astonished, because I’d been totally clear on the fact that I didn’t know the programming language they were going to make it in — JavaScript.

So as I left home for work on that first day, I was nervous.

Sure, getting paid $130 per hour for learning something new is pretty cool — but it does put some pressure on you to become confident and productive quickly.

Dive right in.

A lot of languages are really similar.

Y2K-bug, DLL (hell) ←- ref mvn, dependencies on other people’s code, No possible way of foreseeing,

Programmet for skolen