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This is the #2 best method …​ the best is uni and if you have the time and money and opportunity, I encourage you to do so…​

They do not exclude each other

This way you can see for yourself if you are right for this profession

Norvig - Play

Play. Which way would you rather learn to play the piano: the normal, interactive way, in which you hear each note as soon as you hit a key, or "batch" mode, in which you only hear the notes after you finish a whole song? Clearly, interactive mode makes learning easier for the piano, and also for programming. Insist on a language with an interactive mode and use it.

New vs old

The old way was to read for hours or days about the theory of a programming language, before you could try it out. Car analogy. But you can’t die from writing a computer program that doesn’t work, so we’ll just get in the car and start driving. So much more fun, and that fun gives you momentum, so you’ll want to learn more …​ etc


Learn Java / Create a web app …​

…​ without (lies prospect believe they must have to see results from product) / false belief patterns

  • I don’t have the time

  • I don’t have the money (for tuition)

  • I’m not smart enough / it’s too hard

  • I can learn well from free online sources

  • I need to go to university

  • I need to know maths and physics

  • There is simply too much to learn — I can’t get anything done

  • I need to know a lot of languages

  • Some people are just "born programmers"

  • I’ll feel like like an idiot because of all the stuff "I should already know"

Beginner / Intermediate

#1 Question: Is it supposed to be this hard?

#2 Question: What should I learn now/next? (How do I know what to learn?)

"Am I meant to be a programmer? Was the advisor in college that told me I might not be a good fit for Computer Science right? Am I wasting my time?"

" I’m doing this to become a better problem solver, and increase my career prospects, happiness, and balance with the rest of my life"

Nightmare Story

I remember it like it was yesterday.

When was it

It was a cold January day in 2006.

Who were you with

My wife, Tonje was pregnant with our first child.

Where were you

We had just bought our very first apartment, a one-bedroom flat just outside of the city center of Norway’s capital, Oslo.

What were you feeling up until this moment

I was happy, but I was scared. Not because of the child, but because something was terribly wrong with me. I was so tired. I had absolutely no energy.

and when we saw it before buying, it seemed okay. A perfectly fine apartment for first-time buyers like us.

What we didn’t know, was that the former owners had been smoking in it for 61 years.

We didn’t find out until we had gotten the key, and locked ourselves in for the first time.

It hit us like a wall. The stench was unbearable, I could hardly breath in there. It was like I could feel my lungs filling up with old smoke and tar.

And didn’t want to be in that apartment at all. And I certainly wouldn’t raise I child in that gruesome stench.

I remember dropping a pencil on the floor in our new apartment, that wasand not being able to pick it up.

I had no energy, my boss called me into his office:

I’d better straighten up my act, or I would have to find myself another job

2008: "jeg tror det er TO"