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Curious - I have never done any Java programming before, but I like computers

On-ramp: The #1 thing you need to do next

You’ve told me that you’re curious about Java programming, and that you’ve never done it before.

Maybe you’ve never done any programming at all, our maybe you’ve done programming in other languages?

Find out whether or not programming is something you would like to do. Spending years at university or even a year and thousands of dollars on a school might perhaps be a little overkill — instead, try it, get your feet wet, your hands dirty, and see of you like it …​ then you’re going to love …​

Bonuses for curious / beginners

  • Tools and tricks of the trade

  • Build your portfolio: Git & github

  • Maven, a Yiddish word meaning accumulator of knowledge

  • Buzzword Cheat Sheat — 

When you create modern software, it consists of a lot of pieces, a lot of moving parts. Thankfully, we don’t have to create the wheel from scratch every time we want to create a new project. We can build upon the thousands and thousands of hours other people have put in before us. To be able to manage all the pieces of your software project, you need a professional grade build system. I’ll show you how a Yiddish word meaning accumulator of knowledge will help you.

Beginner - I have played around with Java or have learned at school / university

On-ramp: The #1 thing you need to do next

You’ve told me that you’ve already played around with Java, or that you you’ve learned at school or university. So that’s a great starting point. You already know you’re ready to go a bit deeper with this.

So what’s next? The next thing you should do, is create something REAL - a project from beginning to end, something that you can show to others and say: I created that. Something that takes you a little bit out of your comfort zone. Something that stretches you.

Intermediate: I consider myself a junior programmer, I’ve been paid to do Java programming

Expert: I’m a senior Java developer, I have a deep understanding of Java and the ecosystem