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Demonstrate Empathy

Now, if you are like most people who are struggling to get started with programming …​ it can be SO frustrating.

Maybe you want to get into programming because you know it can change your life.

Maybe you already know people who are making six figures being programmers.

And you see they get to travel to conferences in Las Vegas and Italy …​ and all these nice places around the world.

And you hear they have all these perks, free food, great insurance, it’s like they’re being showered in gold, and the reason why is because to employers, programmers are hard to find these days.

If you’re a programmer, it’s a seller’s market.

  1. OR maybe you know a guy or a girl who’s started her own business, and enjoy a lot of freedom and it seems like opportunities come rolling in, like waves on the beach, and you know, life is good to them.

  2. And maybe you yourself, you’ve tried to look at some programming courses or read some books, and you’ve googled your fingers sore.

  3. Or maybe you simply’ve been trying to figure out what programming language to learn. You know?

And the problem isn’t that you can’t find information. Am I right?

The problem is that there’s so much information out there, your head is totally spinning.

Isn’t that true?

And not only is there an overload of information, a lot of what people are saying, is conflicting.

One person says Java is the perfect language to learn, the next person says it’s Python.

So how could you know what to do? Well, it’s kind-a hard, isn’t it?

As one person I talked to said: I’ve hell lot of resources available and I don’t know which one to choose.

It feels like everybody else is just so smart! They create websites and businesses, and maybe you can’t even chose what language to learn.

And you get frustrated. You can feel like giving up on this coding thing altogether.

Maybe it is not right for you. Maybe you’re just not smart enough.

So, trust me, I completely know what it feels like to be in that situation.

In fact, I remember being there, myself.

Onramp — (prescribe) bucket specific next step you promised to reveal on lead capture page

(One Thing will lead people towards your move forward step, it is a solution agnostic version of your move forward step)

NOW - If you’re a beginner, and you want to learn programming, what you want to do, is find someone who’s been where you are going.

You don’t want to wade through the jungle of information on your own. What you want is for someone to help you, someone who’s seen the whole map, who can guide you on the way.

And yes, I think of it like someone with a map. It’s like you’re stranded on this enormous, strange island:

There’s trees and hills, and so you can’t see very far. And there aren’t really any mountains where you can climb to the top to get a full view — and even if you could find such a mountain, the island is so huge you couldn’t see it all, anyway.

So if you wanted to get to know the whole island, you’d have to travel a lot (yeah?), and you might get lost on the way, or you might drown in the quicksand or get eaten by crocodiles, because you don’t know where the dangers are.

And then — you meet someone who’s been travelling the island for years and years, and who has survived, and who has *drawn a detailed map of the island, through-out his journeys.

What do you think could happen if you met such a person, AND that person was willing the share his (or her) map with you?

Don’t you think it would be easier to find the way, to wherever you wanted to go, if you met such a person, and that person actually was willing to share the map with you?

And not only share it …​ if you just got a quick glimpse of the map, for a few seconds, and then you’d have to find your way on your own …​ wouldn’t that be kind of hard?

Might it not be even better, if that person, who had the map, said: where do you want to go? I’ll follow you there?

Now, what do you think that does to your chances of succeeding?

Are you twice as likely to get where you want to go?

Three times?

Ten times?

How about if that person was not only visiting the island for a long time, but was actually living there? Because he loved so much?

If that person were to help you …​ how would that impact your chances for success?

Now, taking it back to the world of programming, what you need is to find a person who not knows programming, or knows about it, but someone who is actually living it.

You want to find someone who’s been programming for a long time. And not just as a hobby, but who’s been paid to do it, for years and years and years. Someone with proven results, a proven track record.

Someone who has moved to the island, so to speak. Someone who speaks the local language, and is willing to show you how everything works there.

In programming terms, that is someone who doesn’t rush through the basic concepts, leaving you feeling like an idiot, when the reality is that if nobody takes the time to explain these things to you in detail, you don’t stand a chance.

If nobody guides you through it, you’ll drown in the quicksand of confusion and overwhelm.

And it’s not your fault.

What you need is someone who can show you exactly what you need to do get started, and nothing more, until you’re ready for the next step.

And only then will they show you - the next step.

And then - the next step.

Information alone isn’t enough.

If all you needed was more information, you’d already be a programming rock star, because all the information is out there.

More information than you’ll ever need.

Your problem is not the lack of information.

It’s too much information.

Are you with me?

Now, picture these two scenarios:

In the first scenario, you come to the island, and you meet that person who knows the island extremely well, and he tells you everything there is to know about the island. It takes all day and all night, and the next days and the next nights, for weeks on end.

Now when he’s done telling you all about the island, do you think you’d be able to go off on your own, and you could you find your path easily, and would you be able to avoid all the quicksand and the crocodiles?

No, of course not. You would have forgotten most of it before you even began walking. And you would probably have misunderstood quite a few things.

Now, in the second scenario, the person talks to you for a little while, to figure out how much you already know about the island. Then, he asks you where you want to go.

Based on that, he plots a trail for you on his map.

He shows you the map, but instead of telling you all the twists and turns you will need to go to get to your final destination, he only gives you a little piece of information …​ maybe he asks you if you can see some trees just a short distance away, and when you say yes, he says: you can follow this path you see in front of us here …​ it takes you straight there. I will meet you there, and then I will show you your next step.

And he adds: don’t worry, I will be watching you, so even if this first step is easy, if you take a wrong turn, or if you fall, I’ll be there to help you get on the right path again.

How do you think you’d go?

Would it be easier?

A lot easier?

So I’m thinking it’s obvious by now, that instead of going to Google to look for more information, when you already have so much information, instead of doing that, my recommendation is that you find someone, a real person, a human being, who matches both of these two criteria:

  1. He or she lives on the island, and has lived on the island for many years

  2. Is willing and able to listen to where you want to go, and then help you find the way.

So that is what I recommend you do, and that is why, based on everything you told me about your situation, I think you might really like what I’m about to share with you …​

(VSL: Hi, my name is…​)