If I can make people believe that The I.F.L.-method (Instant Feedback Loop-Method) is the key to learning programming, and is only attainable through The IFL Programming Master Class, then all other objections will become irrelevant and they have to give me money.

Create Real Belief In The One Thing


The first epiphany bridge story you will tell is the one that got you exited about the new opportunity in the first place.

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Sten Morten Misund-Asphaug, who wanted to play games on his computer, but there were none available. So he decided to create his own, and got hold of a book on programming. But it was hard!

  • Character: Sten Morten Misund-Asphaug

  • Desire: Play games and have fun with my computer

  • Conflict: No games available, programming was hard to learn

  1. Build rapport with hero. First 10% of any movie. Connect with two or more of these identities:

    • Victim (so we root for them)

    • Jeopardy (so we worry about them),

    • Likable (so we want to be with them)

    • Funny (so we connect with them),

    • Powerful (so we want to be like them)

In this story: Likable, Funny, Powerful

Introduce flaws that have caused you (the hero) to struggle:

Jumping around from one thing to the next, not finishing what I started. Doing it half-assedly.

  1. Introduce the desire for something more

Story of why I teach

Impact 10 000 lives, I know this can change everything for you, as it did for me. (Future based cause).

My legacy: freeing minds, letting your true powers out